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"Business World" operates in Russia as of year 2000.

Our main target is to render services in the following business areas:

  • search for top managers (head hunting)
  • identifying middle management personnel (JD search)
  • staff leasing
  • industrial recruitment
  • personnel assessment ( Assessment centre)
  • personnel training (training centre)
  • marketing research, including salaries' survey
  • development of software for personnel departments (managers)

In our work we follow guidelines and principles of quality control system (TQC, ISO 9001).

Use of our own software applications, such as "Uniform Data System" and "BW Soft" allows us to render quality services with minimum expense for our customers.

Among guarantees offered by the company aside from the standard ones (such as substitutions of offered personnel and discount conditions for corporate clients) we also make sure of the following provision: client's personnel are not considered as candidates for other companies.

Payment for company services needs to be effected only after the service was rendered (excluding marketing survey, software development and head hunting).

For more details contact us at: +7-812-3806445 +7-812-596-3543 +7-812-596-3529 or +7-812-5963900 (fax/phone).

Our address: Russia, St-Petersburg, Vyborgskaya naberezhnaya, 61, business centre "Aquatoria", office 227.

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